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AFP Development

In order to assist domestic financial practitioners to improve their professional knowledge of all-round financial services, and strengthen the concept of protecting customers’ interests as  priority in the domestic financial service industry, FPAT follows the 4E requirements of the CFP® International Certified Financial Planner Certification System, and learns from other states who adopt the grading certification system to establish the AFP (Associate Financial Planner) financial planning consultant certification system.

Currently, the countries that have developed the AFP certification in Asia region include Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, India, etc. The main purpose of the AFP certification is to increase the diverse applications in the finance sector through a tiered certification system and elevate the quality of the financial practitioners across countries with a customer-centric vision in mind.  Financial professionals are able to go through the pathway to the CFP® International Certified Financial Planner as their expertise is enhanced in line with the global financial trend.