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Continuing Professional Development(CPD)


Continuing Professional Development(CPD)

Based on FPAT certification renewal policy, CFP® professionals need to obtain certain CPD hours every 2 years. The hours will be approved by FPAT before their certificate can be renewed, in order to maintain their competence from AFP/CFP® certification.

CPD Credits

CFP® professionals should provide information about CPD programs and upload e-proof via the FPAT official website. An email notification will be sent to the professionals upon approval of FPAT.

CPD Program Requirements

  1. Financial Planning: the program curriculum must cover the five areas,“financial planning”, “risk management and insurance planning”, “employee benefits and retirement planning”, “investment” and “tax & estate planning.”
    Other practical management courses or financial planning software workshops are not in the scope of approved programs.
  2. Ethics: The programs should be related to Code of Ethics and Practice Standards of financial planning professionals, and approved by the Education Committee of FPAT.


Scope and Format of CPD Programs

  1. Participate in programs, seminars, conferences, lectures, or similar events related to the financial planning profession sponsored, co-organized, or organized by FPAT or held by FPAT members, authorized training institutes, and societies and associations approved by FPAT.
  2. Act as a lecturer or key speaker of the above programs or events.
  3.   Receive formal or continuing education offered by universities or colleges of Taiwan or overseas recognized by the Ministry of Education, study subjects related to financial planning and obtain credits or a certificate of completion.
  4. Teach at the formal or continuing education institutions of Taiwan or overseas recognized by the Ministry of Education, give lectures about financial planning and obtain a proof. 
  5. Be an author or translator or own the copyright of financial planning related publications released on newspaper, magazines, FPAT newsletter or by publishers legally registered.  
  6. Voluntarily assist in the propositions, reviewing or testing of the CFP® test questions, or participate in the various FPAT assignments or committee meetings.
  7. Attend other continuing education approved by FPAT.


Proof of Completion of CPD Programs

The proof documentation should include the CFP® professional’s name, program summary or description, dates, number of hours, and the program institution. The documentation could be any of the following in electronical format:

  1. Proof of attendance, certificate of completion, certificate of participation, transcript, certificate of points, attendance list (including agenda), registration form (including handouts), recorded number of hours (stamped) or instructor offer letter (stamped) . Certificants who apply for renewal with exam-based hours should provide proof of the exam or completion (credits).
  2. If certificants attend the internal training of their organization, they may provide the details of the training from the organization’s website.

    (Such exam must be held by FPAT corporate members)

  3. If certificants attend courses organized or co-organized by FPAT, they do not need to submit any proof documents as FPAT will record the number of hours for them.  

For more information, please refer to the Principles of CPD Review Process.

CFP® professionals can check the CPD number of hours that have been reported for them by logging in the FPAT official website.