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CFP® professionals should not only be equipped with expertise in comprehensive financial planning, but more importantly, they should also realize and uphold their own value in following the ethical principles of fairness, loyalty and objectivity, and to establish a relationship based on mutual trust with customers.

FPAT has set out a code of ethics as the general standards that should apply to all classification. CFP®/AFP professionals should strictly comply with the code of ethics and practice standards. This helps them acknowledge the roles and responsibilities of a financial planning consultant, consolidate the relationship between clients and CFP®/AFP professionals and enhance the value of financial planning.


Code of Ethics & Practice Standards

  1. Compliance 
  2. Loyalty & Obligation
  3. Integrity 
  4. Objectivity  
  5. Competence   
  6. Confidentiality  
  7. Professionalism 
  8. Diligence   
  9. Fairness    
  10. Duty of Care