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Pathway to AFP/CFP® Certification


Pathway to AFP/CFP® Certification

To obtain the AFP/CFP® certification, candidates must complete the 4E certification process, including education and training (Education), passing the exam (Exam), having relevant work experience (Experience), and complying with the designated code of ethics (Ethics). After obtaining the CFP® certification, certificants should continue to acquire professional skills (Continuing Professional Development, CPD).

Education: before applying for the certification exam, a candidate must complete the six mandatory course modules (total training hours: 240) offered by education providers approved by FPAT. Candidates may apply to waive part of the education training if he/she holds other eligible certificates or professional diplomas.

Exam: upon successful fulfillment of the education requirement, the candidate is eligible to apply for the certification exam. The AFP/ CFP® exam is a single exam composed mainly of multiple choice questions and offered in Mandarin Chinese. There is no degree requirement for participating in the exam. After you pass the exam, your certification will be valid for 5 years.

Experience: candidates who successfully complete the AFP/CFP® certification exam may submit an initial application for certification. Candidates must submit his/her work experience related to financial planning. Experience should be within 10 years before the exam date or within 5 years after completion of the exam.

Ethics: AFP/CFP® applicants must sign the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice Statement, which indicates that they have agreed to adhere to the highest standards of ethical and professional practices. The statement also requires a recommendation (endorsement) by an expert such as a lawyer, a CPA, a CFP holder or a professional approved by the FPAT.

CPD: once certified, AFP/CFP® certificates must fulfill a biennial continuing education requirement, including at least 2 hours of ethics courses approved by the FPAT.

Renewal: after obtaining the AFP/CFP® certification, in addition to completing more than 20/30 hours of CPD education, the certificate needs to be renewed every 2 years, and the renewal must be completed before the expiration date of the certificate to avoid violating CFP Board’s Code of Ethics.

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