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Value of the CFP® Certification


Value of the CFP® Certification

The value of the CFP® certification lies in providing comprehensive financial planning services and professional advice for clients’ lifestyle planning needs and in accordance to the Financial Planning Practice Standards, for example, offering clients tailored portfolio allocation and extensive financial planning services, rather than just selling any products. Earning wide trust and recognition from the public, CFP® certified professionals have a high degree of professional capabilities to evaluate and analyze clients’ different financial planning needs, including those in terms of savings, investment, entrepreneurship, insurance, property purchase, trust management, risk assessment, retirement planning, estate management, tax planning, etc. CFP® professionals are also expert in providing objective financial solutions based on each client’s individual financial circumstances. Therefore, through steps of financial planning and a holistic approach, CFP® professionals can objectively provide solutions that help clients achieve the goal of lifelong financial planning, which is one of the greatest advantages that they can provide, while other financial professionals may only be able to advise on certain aspects of financial planning.


What are the benefits of being a CFP® professional?

FPSB’s global survey in early 2016 with 92 financial services firms, which covered over 120,000 financial advisors and 10,000 consumers across 12 countries and regions, shows why firms value the CFP® certification.


Firms Value CFP Certification

  • 84% of firms said that employing CFP® professionals had a positive impact on client satisfaction within the firm.
  • 81% of firms said that CFP® professionals can help their organization diversify its business operation.
  • 76% of firms found that employing CFP® professionals led to increased client retention.
  • 69% of firms reported that client assets under the management of CFP® professionals had seen faster growth and better returns.
  • 69% of firms reported that employing CFP® professionals helped improve the company’s profit and reduce client complaints.  

Why Consumers value CFP® professionals

  • 58% of consumers feel that they can trust the resources and suggestions provided by CFP® professionals
  • 56% of consumers feel very confident that they will achieve their financial goals by working with their CFP® professionals.
  • 55% of consumers trust their CFP® professionals to adhere to a rigorous code of ethics and comply with regulations.

Financial planners and financial advisors value the CFP® certification

  • 37% of CFP® holders received a promotion, got a new job or started their own business.
  • 57% of CFP® holders reported growing their client base following their certification.
  • 63% of CFP® holders saw their income growing within the 12 months following their certification.
  • 72% of CFP® holders reported increased satisfaction with their careers.
  • Nearly 87% of CFP® holders expected to achieve longer client retention with their certified status.

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