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Registration Requirements

Candidates who own a National Identification Card of Taiwan, a Resident certificate for the Taiwan area, an Alien Permanent Resident Certificate, a long-term residence certificate for a spouse from Mainland China, or a residence permit for Hong Kong and Macau residents which indicate that they do not need to apply for a work permit, and is interested in  financial planning consulting and willing to assist clients in achieving their financial goals are eligible for the exam if he/she has the required certifications or qualifications (a certificate of completion or education exemption).

FPAT holds a CFP®/AFP Exam in March and September each year. (English session of CFP® certification exam is held in every March.)

The exam and registration requirements for each subject should be subject to the exam guidebook specific to candidates’ exam session.

Exam Subjects

I. AFP General Test

  1. Subjects: Module 1 Foundations of Financial Planning, Module 2 Risk Management & Insurance Planning, Module 3 Employee Benefit & Retirement Planning, Module 4 Investment Planning and Module 5 Tax & Planning Estate
  2. Exam Requirements
    A certificate of completion or exemption for M3 + a certificate of completion or exemption for at least 2 out of M1, M2, M4 and M5, a total of 3 or more modules completed
  3. 180 test questions in Chinese, to be finished in 6 hours
  4. Exam fee: NT$ 6,000

Candidates who meet one of the following conditions may enjoy a discount:
(1) Employee of the organization member of FPAT: NT$ 5,100
(2) One who apply for the AFP test for the second time: NT$ 3,000
(3) Student who does not have a full-time job: NT$ 3,000

II. CFP® Exam (Comprehensive Financial Planning)

  1. Subject: Module 6 Comprehensive Financial Planning
  2. Exam Requirement
    A certificate of completion or exemption for M1, M2, M3, M4, M5 and M6 (6 subjects in total) + AFP passed
  3. 120 test questions in Chinese or English to be finished in 6 hours
  4. Exam fee: NT$ 8,000 for a Chinese session and NT$ 30,000 for an English session (Early Bird Discount should be subject to announcement.)

Candidates who meet one of the following conditions may enjoy a discount:
(1) Employee of the organization members of FPAT: NT$ 6,800
(2) Full-time teacher in a university or college: NT$ 4,000 (If candidates work at a university or college as a training institute authorized by FPAT, they can apply for a free exam after the exam is completed.)

Exam Results

  1. The pass criteria of each subject is determined by the result of “test equating”
  2. There will be no fixed pass scores, and FPAT will not release test questions and personal results. Only the number of questions passed, the passing rate and the individual test result as “pass” or “fail” for the session will be published.
  3. “Test Equating” means that the results of each session will be statistically criterion-referenced to the previous test results of the same subject. Since the exam was launched, FPAT has appointed impartial experts to form a committee to set a pass-fail standard based on the exam content, level of difficulty and professional level required for work, so as to ensure that the competency and quality of the candidates who pass are consistent and in line with the exam standards of the International Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB).

PR Value

  1. The PR value for each module is added and provided with the results of the AFP comprehensive test. 
  2. The higher the PR value means the higher the candidate’s performance is in a module (compared with other candidates in the same exam session), indicating the percentage of candidates in the same exam that the candidate has surpassed.
  3. The CFP® test is designed to evaluate whether the candidate has the ability to address financial planning issues at a comprehensive level, so the test results will not provide the PR value for each module.

Validity of the result

  1. FPAT will issue a certificate if candidates pass the exam, and the exam result will remain valid for 5 years.
  2. The certificate only demonstrates that the candidate passes the “AFP General Test” or “Comprehensive Financial Planning” and is not an official AFP/CFP® certification.
  3. Those who pass the AFP test can then apply for the CFP® exam or apply for the AFP certification within the 5-year validity period.

Those who pass the CFP® exam can subsequently apply for the CFP® certification within the 5-year validity period. If they would like to check their exam requirements, please log in the official website of FPAT.




It is FPAT’s policy to provide candidates for CFP® certification, CFP® professionals, and individuals seeking to reinstate their CFP® certification equal access to CFP®certification regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, age, disability, marital or partnership status, personal appearance, military status, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, political affiliation, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law.